Mrs. Korniak
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Weekly Newsletter
To find this weeks agenda items you can click on Weekly under page  docs and you will find my weekly newsletter.

My Information
If you need to get a hold of me my home number is 219 866 3304 my cell is 765 376 4257. You can also email me at
Please feel free to get a hold of me if you have any probelms or concerns.

Reading Log

They will recieve a reading log every Monday and they will need to bring it back on Friday with a parent signature.

Punch Cards

Every week your child will recieve a punch card.  They will get punches in their cards for not bringing in their homework. On Friday's they will bring home thier card and bring it back on Monday with it signed.  Whether it has punches in it or not it will need to be signed and brought back on Friday or Monday.  If it is not signed your child will get a punch on the next card.  At the end of the nine weeks if your child has two punches or less they will get a reward.