Van Rensselaer Elementary Information


Automobile Drop-Off and Pick Up Procedures


Before School
To speed up student drop-off please follow the following procedures:
• Students who are having breakfast should not be brought to school
before 7:45 AM. Students not having breakfast should not arrive
before 8:00.
• Students should be dropped off at the rear (north side) of the building
in the east parking lot.
• The first car in line should stay to the right side of the parking lot and
pull up four or five car lengths to the east. This will allow five or six
cars to unload at a time and speed up the exiting procedure. Pull up
to the orange cone when available.
• Students should exit on the right side of the vehicle and go directly to
the entrance doors.
• No cars should park on the south side of the parking area. Students
will be using this area for exiting cars and entering the building.
• Parents needing to park should park at the east end of the parking
area to relieve congestion at the drop off zone.
After School
• Parents are to park their cars in the east parking lot behind the
school (north side). At 3:00 the doors will be unlocked and parents
may gather by the gym doors. At the 3:05 bell parents should walk
to their student’s supervisor and pick up their student in the hallway.



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